Welcome to my new Meadowgate Leather blog!

Hopefully these become easier to write as time goes by. There are so many things I could talk about now, but I feel it’s best not to jam them all into a first entry, so they will have to wait and we’ll ease into them gently.

I suppose the blog goes hand-in-hand with the new look website. I realised a long time ago that something needed doing about my website but it has taken until now to get round to writing and coding it. It now has well over a hundred pages and is likely to grow further over the coming months.

If you have not yet had time to have a look, do feel free to drop by at www.meadowgateleather.com

The feature I like best is the ability to click through pages which help you decide which type of journal cover you want (one with a wallet / pockets / folio etc). Once you’re over the first hurdle, it presents you with the ranges available and one more click takes you to the model you like the look of. When you have decided, another click takes you straight to that item on Etsy!

There are many photos of each model, explanations of the features, what it is made from and lots of reviews of the very model you are viewing which can help decision making.

Once you know which model you need, you can check out all the options – pocket shapes, pen loops, pyrography, overhang and so on.

The one thing that everybody has a problem deciding, is of course, the colours!

It is so difficult to put across the colours in such a small space on Etsy. I know it must be like taking a stab in the dark to choose a colour which is probably an inch square on screen and expect it to scale up nicely to the large A5 cover you are about to order!

To help you there, I now have a nice, new, shiny, colours page. It is laid out just like the Etsy colour chart, but if you click on a colour, it takes you to lots of large photos of covers in that colour. There are hundreds of photos on the site now, so colour choice should be much easier – even if I have added a few new ones.

OK, I don’t want to make my first blog here too long and tedious, so I will keep it short and finish by tempting you with the news that I have a number of ideas for new covers that will involve you in their making! But you will have to wait a little longer for all the details.

Until the next time,
Best wishes