What is a 'normal' working day?

The days go by so quickly – I can’t actually remember any more, just when I had a normal working day. It was probably mid-July or thereabouts, but my stay in hospital and the subsequent recovery period has made me realise that I need to change my working week around to make it easier on myself.

Had a hospital consultant appointment today – not happy with my progress and has put me back on these really ghastly smelling and tasting antibiotics – 4000mg per day – yes that is 4g every day. That’s another 4-6 weeks of that, but it should clear up the back pain completely I hope!

This is not helping me do much work though – which is why I have not yet re-opened the shop, as I cannot be confident that if I take an order I will be able to finish it on time.

Essentially everything I made before was a custom order and I completed these within about ten days, but I think I will have to lengthen that time frame on account of my back.

I also think I will make more ‘off the shelf’ TNs, as I have a pretty good idea which are the most popular sizes, colours and configurations.

I have also realised that making so many custom orders has restricted my scope and made it more difficult to be creative.. I used to make leather items with painted leather – bags with flowers or patterns hand-painted and pyrographed, but I ran out of time in the week to do anything like that and I would really like to get back into it. Perhaps some hand-painted TNs?

Well, that’s the latest from me – I expect I will be able to put something in the shop soon – even if I can’t spend too long standing up, making things. I’ll let you know when.