Not sunning myself on a beach

You may have noticed that I have been away from the shop for a while now – I can assure you I have not been sunning myself on a beach of any kind. I have been in hospital again, but for a different reason this time. Apart from having a fever of 39.9C, I had Discitis, which has a fun-sounding name but turned out to be nothing of the sort.

It was rather debilitating – creating lightning-type flashes down my legs and almost pinning me to the bed. It is basically an infection between the spinal discs – don’t ask me how it got there, even the docs couldn’t work that one out, but it was there. They pumped me full of antibiotics until it was nearly foaming from my ears. That made it feel a little better quite quickly, but then it sort of settled down at a certain level and I still had pain, but could move around a bit, but even holding a phone to my ear or in front of me was sometimes just too much!

After a while they sent me home where I could experience the pain in my own bed and swallow lots of ABs in the form of tablets which smelt like bad drains. I can now walk around for a short while and stand at a workbench for short periods of time, so some work is possible, but the pain is now in my hip and leg. I’m due a hospital visit soon and they may give me some lovely bone-cracking physio, so maybe things will feel better in a few weeks!

Thanks so much to those who were so patient and waited until I could complete their order (they know who they are) – that was so kind and much appreciated.

It will probably be a couple more weeks before I can open the shop again, as I want to be as well as possible before upping the pace again. Just in time for the Christmas rush – what great planning! Not.